As a company, PM&M Consulting Solutions Limited aims to take responsibility for its impact in both environmental and social terms. Although a small company that works largely through and in conjunction with the practices of our clients, we wish to act and inspire others to act in ways that minimise the negative and enhance the positive outcomes of our activities.

PM&M Consulting Solutions Limited has therefore established an environmental policy and equal opportunities views that guide our work practices; and devotes a proportion of the earnings from the company's business activities to support a range of charities.

Environmental Policy

1. PM&M Consulting Solutions Ltd will endeavour to source its office supplies and equipment from recycled or re-use materials, where possible from sources with policies on, for example, properly managed and renewed forestry sources.

2. The company aims to re-use, recycle or pass on to others for use the maximum used materials possible, in order to reduce landfill waste and unnecessary creation of new products. Camden Council's waste recycling services are a major support in this, as are e-bay and the Freecycle network.

3. Our electricity is supplied from renewable sources through Good Energy and British Gas's Green Electricity scheme, as we believe that increased user demand will provide the economic climate for the further development of these technologies.

4. We endorse efficient office practices that reduce the use of electricity, such as natural lighting, rechargeable batteries and switching equipment off standby when not in use.

5. We have taken steps to minimise the use of water and, where possible, re-use 'grey' water.

6. Our staff walk or use public transport both within and outside of London unless necessary. Where a car is needed we will use hire or car club cars. Long distance trains are used in preference to planes where possible.

7. We fully support the principle of local shopping and locally-supplied goods. Wherever possible we use local shops and suppliers, and seek out supplies that have travelled the least distance to us. We will continue to look for improvements and new opportunities to advance this policy and support the Wedge Card's initiatives in this respect.

8. We will research options for biodegradable chemicals and CFC-free and ozone-depleting chemicals-free alternatives for cleaning, printing and photographic supplies.

9. We will regularly monitor changes in environmental legislation to ensure compliance and new developments in environmentally-friendly supplies and practices. We will review our procedures to seek continuous improvements in our environmental policy and practice.

10. We will make our environmental policy know to our clients and through sharing of information or by example encourage other businesses to review their own impact on the environment.

Social Responsibility

PM&M Consulting Solutions Limited seeks to enhance the quality of the work and lives of both its clients and its employees. But we take a wide definition of what enhances our lives, and in recognition of the inter-connectedness of many of the issues and challenges facing our world today, the company has decided to devote a portion of its earnings to support charities working on issues of significant concern to us. These are:

Amnesty International Big Issue Foundation
Blue Cross Cool Earth
Coram's Fields Friends of the Earth
Help the Aged Kosi Bay School
Médecins Sans Frontières Oxfam
Practical Action Water Aid

PM&M Consulting Solutions Limited is a company registered in England No. 5411084. Registered offices: 58 Lambs Conduit Street, London, WC1N 3LW.
VAT Registration No. 860498204

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Equality of Opportunity

As an employee-owned company that chooses to remain small, we do not require an equal opportunities or diversity recruitment policy. However, where temporary assistance is taken on we aim to advertise in locations which might open up work opportunities for people otherwise facing difficulties in entering the work market, such as through the Camden Working scheme. When taking on temporary staff we therefore aim to give added value to that person through involving them in thinking and understanding the project and transferring our skills and knowledge. Our understanding of equal opportunity issues and diversity drives is strengthened by involvement with Fast Track, an initiative to open doors into theatre careers for black and minority ethnic and deaf and disabled applicants; and by the many ground-breaking examples of our clients.